Life Vest under Your Seat


“Have the pasta -less spicy -you will like it, ” he says with the most endearing of smiles. How can one refuse -a flight destined to Africa and India -surely I know that less spicy means less spicy. Ok – I smile back as I reach out for my tray of flight food.

Of course I would be sandwiched/wedged between two gentlemen.  All of us peeling the foil off our little flight food dishes with our arms all tightly by our sides -all economy like style.

OK.   I admit that living in Toronto I sometimes forget that I look Chinese and quickly realize and understand that having a mix of cultures, all tossed up in the air by an airline, often results in politically incorrect quick judgements and assessments.   As luck would have it -quick assessment landed me in pasta that was NOT less spicy.  “NOOOOO!!”  silently screamed the Trini in me as I realized that my pasta was NOT spicy at all but covered with a very, white,  white sauce!  : 0

I discreetly peeked over at my lovely neighbours -all Canadian Chinese like but the Trini in me had to joke with them to let them know just how jealous I was that they had the spicy curried rice dish.  NOOO! was that roti/nan/chapati on the side???????

I was so unhappy as I looked down at my white dinner roll.


waiting for PLANE two

Was it 2am or 3am?
How bad could the day really be? A 3.5 hour stopover
in Brussels with my most favourite chocolates!
Yet -tired and laden down with all that I held dear plus
a generously donated laptop (Thanks Gary Smyth’s mom and dad) as a third piece of hand luggage ensured I chose the first bench that would support my tired body and all of my traveling companions! I was not moving anywhere : )

What? Are you kidding me?  A snow storm?
one hour goes by…
as slowly as the second one did
the last third hour
had us waiting for our plane to
be de-iced and for its turn on the runway.



“Esperance -it means Hope”, my new neighbour told me as she smiled warmly.
No kidding. : )
With Hope at my side
I was encouraged to stretch out all economy class style to
squeeze in a few hours of much needed sleep.
Snacks were placed in my hands as I slept and treats
slipped my way with a wink by lovely spoil me rotten flight

upon landing
an asap letter of invitation just in case. (webale mama PTMOF)
quick visas
no lost luggage
and a few of the most beautiful welcoming smiles on faces I had missed so much.

“Did you change the world a little?,” I asked myself as I enjoyed the cool Ugandan breeze on my very happy face.
but I know that I was reminded that a warm friendly smile goes a long way when traveling in and over foreign lands.
I smile as I remember people -ok two people facing each other -one waiting patiently for the other to say something
The other -suddenly speechless as her mind is filled with the sudden realization that she has absolutely no choice but to rely on those oh so politically incorrect quick judgments and assessments while grasping for the right words from her language hat…
wishing she had filled it with more options…

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