DAY two

Pr. C. Tomusange

I hit the ground running despite promising myself to walk for the first few days. But the sounds, the smiles, the smells and the textures just screamed for my attention. I missed the kids and all of the new friends I had left behind only 4 months ago. This time I was determined to slow down long enough to breathe in Africa, see giraffes and actually get beyond the warm hellos.

I slowed down long enough today to enjoy more than a curious smile in one of Kampala’s markets – this one heavily laden with second hand industrial sewing machines and fabric shops. Preacher C.Tomusange was a pretty cool dude with pretty cool shades. He was all smiles and cheerful chatter and agreed to let me photograph him. We all have a “photograph face” -one that we throw on when a camera is pointed at us. Some of us have mirror practiced ones or spontaneous ones while others… look like this : )

1 thought on “DAY TWO

  1. ‘ ’s been messin’ wer she shouldn’t hav been messin’
    and nau sum1 else is gettin’ all dah bes.
    ur boots r made4 walkin, dat’s jus wat dey’ll du
    1 of deez daze deez boots r gunna walk all’ovah
    Start walkin’!

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