DAY three


OK -For those quickly pointing out that the real and virtual dates are not matching on my blog -please allow for longer days and later nights than expected ūüôā

Lots of movement with Kids Canada projects. Kyoto Japanese Restaurant in Kampala has generously agreed to support Sang Kim’s Sushi Making for the souls of Kids Canada and Kids Uganda and was the last piece to our Sushi Event puzzle. With two local newspapers, two local radio stations and one TV station on our guest list – Mark, from Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy has outdone himself in media relations amongst the many other hats he so beautifully wears!

Sunday April 14th 2013

10am in Toronto at Yakitori

5pm in Kampala TBA

Work is play for all of us and quickly I find our play day whipping seamlessly into more pleasure… lots of movement with great friends walking through the streets and markets of Kampala. One long day trying to keep up with Mark from Sosolya led us to Munyonyo by Lake Victoria eating freshly caught and fried Nile Perch with his friend Emma and 3 little Sosolya cuties -Madinah, Acayo and Charity. ¬†Nothing beats an opportunity to use your fingers to eat ¬†-and the challenge of freshly sliced tomatoes and onions made sure our hands desperately needed the soap and water brought around by our friendly waiters. ¬†Medina and Charity showed me a few African dance moves and I happily followed their lead (because it was dark) when we weren’t busy laughing at my inability to move my bits the way they were moving theirs ¬†: ) ¬†A taste of Ugandan life….day and night.

One missed blog and a lazy Sunday morning -surely a sign that this lady may not make it through the main course that these cool African friends keep promising this Muzungu -trini or not!

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