“Maylynn is cooking for us today!” OK -how do I find myself in such situations where loved ones bravely have me at the helm of a kitchen? No one to blame -as I usually place myself there and then quickly panic as I realize they will have no turning back … nor running : )

What an incredibly olunaku olungi (great day)!
All i can say is that Kampalans sure know how to
throw a party. Quickly they throw me into Emma’s car (that he has prepared) and suddenly I am in one of Kampala’s many markets to find fresh ingredients to throw into the biggest pot I’ve ever had to cook with. I admit this was a day I will not easily forget. (ok-I watched through my camera lens and they did the actual finding and buying!)


There were definitely not too many hands and cooks in the market nor in this kitchen, as I confess most openly to all, that I am not a cook. For some unfathomable reason my closest friends are foodies and I enjoy the spoils of their labours and they in turn are spoiled by my humble attempts at labour! I am the first to enjoy a laugh or two at my own expense but surely they laugh harder 🙂

My day was once again mixed with both business and pleasure. Honestly the two can not be more entwined nor distinguishable.
Gardenia bushes, beautiful voices, beautiful music, beautiful faces, beautiful hearts, candles everywhere.. all coming together to fill all of my senses….


Birthdays always make me think of where I have been
where I am and
where I am going….
wrapped warmly in this Ugandan blanket I could not be more happier as i think of my new African family and friends and my family and friends over the ocean -especially kaia and wyatt as I blow out the candles with Martin…


6 thoughts on “DAY FIVE

  1. Cooked up a storm, eh? We’re looking forward to some of your genuine Ugandan dishes, when you get home … :0) G&M

    • hello kaia and wyatt!
      i luv you and miss you both so much, too! you both continue to push and to inspire me – could not do all that i do without you both running beside me : ) x0x mom

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