On occasion you will sometimes hear someone comment on how small the world is. On special occasions you can experience just how small the world can be in one location -even off the beaten track.

Today Germany, Canada and the States were at John Bosco School for Orphans in Katosi. Melanie DuChateau and Kathy Darnell were there only in spirit as Tony Arsh kabuye, their eyes, ears and hearts, organized a warm welcome and lunch for us.

Devis Ssenoga from Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy led the children through a dance and I was left breathless from only watching the joining of small hands and the hands of the elders as they stretched the circle across the field against a backdrop we definitely don’t get to see in the ads of orphans in Africa.  The sound of Devis’ voice was intermittently  drowned out by the laughter of the kids and the joy in his eyes was matched by all those looking back at him.

Solome Nanuvule from PTMOF and Mark from Sosolya shared stories with our hosts. I am always in awe and inspired by individuals who speak passionately about how their past has shaped their lives -and how it will shape their futures.  Emma quickly points out on the way home -“Solome -I am impressed. You took a child from the group to show them how young you were when someone made a difference to your life and suddenly you have every child’s attention because  you have one of their friends.  You showed them that you were one of them”.  “I spoke from my heart.” Solome tells us…

We are always asked why we are doing what we do.  I find that my answer must be a little more … detailed than the others in my company today as they wonder why a Muchina is in Africa.  Once I mention that I am from Trinidad – I see them visibly relax and smile.  Somehow it now makes sense why I have a connection with Africa.  When asked if I find it hard to adjust to the African ways  -I tell them no.  I tell them that Uganda reminds me of Trinidad and that I have finally found the African side and the Indian side of my Trinidadian heritage.

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