“Know what we think of people who eat with sticks?”, Emma smiles and asks me.
“We see them as people of leisure. It takes so long to eat!”

I love introducing new things to people and love people who love to try new things even more. In this case – Emma told me that in two weeks he would show us just how great he will be. My African Chinese sister smiles and after a quick demo – nails it and picks up a piece of pickled ginger. The challenge was on and two week Emma was 10 minute chopstick master!

Later I was challenged to eat African style. I love finger foods and appetizers -eating with my fingers was always a joy. So “Yes – of course I was up for it – not a challenge at all!” I thought out loud. Piece of cake -if it was cake but I ordered rice with my dish and soon realized rice would be a universal challenge in this cross cultural exchange.

Tips were thrown my way by Devis, “Mix it with the matoke (green plaintain bananas) and do this….” he encouraged as he pinched all 5 fingers together and descended on the target not unlike those claw prize machines found in arcades and sometimes bus stations. Yes – of course Kaia and Wyatt found that one. I miss them madly -my kids not the machines : )

Was it a success? They said it was -but it was more like a mess! I sure had fun though and loved that the experience added the sense of touch to the senses ordinarily triggered when one enjoys a meal -that of sight, smell and taste.

4 thoughts on “DAY SEVEN

  1. /Users/kwozimodo/Desktop/295639_10152669646530389_1618054881_n.jpg Hamburger Donut from a brekfas joint in TO call Emma’s Country Kitchen ;D

  2. arg – i can’t see, touch, taste nor smell it : ( hope it opens on my next attempt as i am still fumbling through wordpress : )
    in the mean time … uncle kwakykwak needs to show this to the wyatt : ) x0x

  3. Did I get the message? That to change the world in 30 days you just need to teach people to use Chinese Chopsticks?

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