Never mind the “baby head” bobs one jokes about to describe the embarrassing moments when we fall asleep sitting in a car or anywhere in public – this 12 hour bus ride to Burundi had us all dancing Burundian style. Heads not bobbing but swinging side to side and around and bumps that had us jumping clear off our seats! You can check out my friends here from Jeune Batimbo during one of their practices last year:

The speakers threw out loud cool African music as we tore through the hills of Uganda and Rwanda and reminded me of my bus rides through the Moroccan Atlas mountains years ago. I suppose this bus ride was not as “breathtaking” as the Moroccan ones where the edges came a little too close at speeds that were a little too fast around corners -with cool Moroccan music screaming from the speakers, of course.

The borders were the most difficult. We were shaken, thrown up in the air and woken to fill out forms and to line up in lines that suddenly grew longer in front of you if you didn’t invade the personal space of the person in front of you. An adventurous welcome into each country.

Heading to Burundi to set up one of two Colloidal Silver projects generously donated to Kids Canada by Thank you Ken Ode, owner of Silver Puppy, who builds and sells silver generators. The second generator will be set up at Great Valley Children’s Centre in Kampala, Uganda.

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