Trying out a new pace – I admit it was hard to gear down from my Toronto time centred life where I wear many hats – all demanding that I work around and along multiple schedules. However, I am learning that Africa moves at its own pace regardless of how fast I want to move ; ) My Ugandan friends that travel back and forth admit that the speed in which we move in Toronto is much faster and exhausting. The hot African sun slows us all down and I move at a less stressful pace – occasionally riding a wave of energy when I hit someone that is moving as fast as my mind is : )

Today I slowed down long enough to appreciate this particular piece of art made by the Burundian children themselves. The 3 Rs – Reuse, Recycle, Reduce….  so much a part of our lives here in the west  yet second nature for our kids here in many areas of Africa.  So – who exactly needs to teach who?

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