Pastor Pierre et Pastor Vital
Cibitoke to Bujumbura, Burundi

“How do you find Burundi?” I am asked. The smartly dressed Burundians that sit close to me on the bus smile warmly and nod hello. Absolutely beautiful and its people are as welcoming and as curious as those I find in Kampala.

I am asked what brings me to Burundi. I reply, “visiting friends. We work together in Kampala, Uganda.” I tell them about Kids Canada and about my “How to change the world in 30 days” blog when they asked to hear more about my work. Pastor Vitale smiles and tells me his dreams are of restoration: spiritual, economic and financial for both men and women. He dreams and Pastor Pierre implements his ideas.

When buses and cars stop -we are instantly surrounded by vendors selling newspapers, sunglasses, snacks, bread, drinks, belts -almost anything imaginable that you might need or not need at the moment. Every working mother’s dream when challenged by sleeping children and little time or energy to unload and to load little bodies in and out of a car to grab a bite or to do any shopping.

Pineapples and avocados have become my weakness in Africa. Knowing this, my friend quickly calls out for one of the pineapples… Sadly we do not have the small change they need. I watch as shillings pass by me and tomatoes and other produce are passed through our windows. A pineapple comes next and then realize later that one of my new traveling friends had bought the pineapple for us! “It is a Burundian custom to take care of our visitors,” Pastor Vitale says with a smile. “If you hadn’t already payed for your fare -we would have payed for you.”

I am filled with the warmth of his words, their smiles and their eyes.

2 thoughts on “DAY THIRTEEN

  1. Two days together, eh? Well, as an ill educated Englishman, I’ve run out of words for the day. I’m sure you must believe me.

    Looking forward to day 14 though, as I also love East Africa, and like to hear about it.

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