Chris Brown and Beyonce

KAMBUGU and LETICIA  aka CHRIS BROWN and BEYONCE lovingly pet named by the children of Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy

Ok. For those who have been following my posts -you may have wondered what happened to the last 5 days of my 30.  For those looking at dates -you will be wondering what the heck happened to the year : )   Well… it certainly was not a boring year.  It was filled with great projects,  strong connections and the best kids ever to work with. Just to spice things up a bit – it was also a year that periodically threw me up into the air, spun me around and spat me out.  Thankfully, I always landed on my feet -back on track and a little disheveled with a little bit of “wtf just happened”  -but grateful that my rose tinted glasses got kicked off my face along the way. 😉

As I have mentioned before -the path I have chosen attracts both hearts and cons alike and that the best way to truly see what is on the ground – is to be on the ground.  Time and time again I am reminded that everyone can be anyone in the virtual world and everyone can be anyone -even when they are the ones walking the closest to you.

No one can really prepare you for what comes your way.  There were times when I found myself questioning my decision to travel this path  -disappointed at the many glass walls I found myself slamming into and surprised at the doors that banged shut.  Definitely all blessings and lessons in disguise.   Once in a while I do have to pick myself up by the collar but focusing on the kids that I am so fortunate to work with, and supported by strong individuals not motivated by spotlight nor greed, helps to keep me moving the most amazing projects forward.  Nothing like a little bit of weeding to move with the best.

It is always great to take a step back once in a while from both pain and pleasure to see things and myself from a different perspective.  To “see the forest from the trees” -so to speak – but never losing sight of the beautiful trees.  From where I am now looking -I can not help but be grateful that doors have shut behind those who were not meant to move with me.  “Sometimes a door must close for other doors to open,” I was told by two wise Ghana men, at a stopover in Amsterdam, en route home to Canada.  Yes.  A few doors have shut but many doors have opened, many more are opening and I feel I am still riding an incredible wave… and a song continues to play in my head, “look all around, there’s nothing but blues skies.”  ♥

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