watching grass grow in Gaba, Uganda

Watching paint dry
Watching water boil
watching the grass grow.. all Canadian expressions used to describe maximum effort with minimum return. arg -I am watching the little dot go around and around on my laptop -telling me to be patient… I will be connected! I laugh as I see myself growing crazy with impatience : )

Mother Africa is teaching me patience… and reluctantly I sit back and distract myself by opening several other pages on a second search engine -Juggling all that along with sheer jealousy that my friend beside me is smiling (at my pain) and is moving fast and furiously on her laptop.

I look back at my screen … arg i am faced with more dots going around and around lol! ok… i surrender to the forced moments of rest. Yet I fail to stop my mind from quickly racing to all that I need and want to do before I leave. My days are numbered and my sadness to leave Uganda is softened by thoughts of seeing my children, kaia and wyatt. I smile as I remember Wyatt’s words on the day I left Toronto.  He saw the disappointment on my face as I had to keep taking things out of my suitcase at the airport that were tipping the scales past my limit.  “Don’t worry Mom – You will take it next time you go.”

Ok…. I convince my friend to take me to water and I will drink..…If I am to still my thoughts and my spirit let it be by one of my most favourite spots in kampala.