Hi -my name is Maylynn Quan.   I am a Canadian photographer based in Toronto and was born in Trinidad and Tobago.  Interesting enough most people just want to know if I am Chinese, Japanese or Korean. 😉

I love adventure.  After University- I was ready to jump provinces to learn French but my friend, Arif Kanani,  told me to jump continents.  So I did.  I was the 5th -and the last aupair for 3 spirited Kids in France; bought a classical guitar and fell in love with Antoni Gaudi’s sense of fun in Spain; served morning coffee to budget travelers and discovered Belgian Chocolate in Belgium;  sampled tajines and green teas in Morocco and explored Europe with a back pack, great friends and a pocket dictionary. Toronto finally called me home but my brother’s old Nikon FE camera and dark room lessons, in a small washroom at the back of a friend’s photo lab, soon took me to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on a photography workshop through The Ontario College of Art and Design.

Today, my photography takes me into many incredible worlds for work and play.   I am also the founder and director of an organization called Kids Canada and Uganda Kids Canada   -Kids Helping Kids. We help to break through the glass walls of cultural stereotypes, racial and gender discrimination -crossing all cultural and economic borders for fun. We educate and empower our kids beyond text books and school walls through cultural exchanges of arts and technology. Because we believe that a kids’ home life impacts their success in and out of school, we support the family unit as whole by kick starting micro businesses and sustainable health and nutritional projects to connect, empower and to enable kids/youth in Uganda, Burundi and Canada (so far).

Working closely with my two children, and with children and youth from both Canada and Uganda, definitely blurs the lines between the worlds of work and play.  I have been fortunate to have met and to have worked with amazing friends who have changed the course of my life.  Through my friend, Dr. Lise Janelle, I realized that we all have a purpose in life.  Once we discover that purpose  -it is important to drive it with our passion.  I discovered that photography was my chosen tool to empower individuals from within.  Nothing touches me more deeply than to see the eyes of those I have photographed -to witness the power of one photo to make someone feel beautiful.  To me -everyone is photogenic because beauty truly emanates from within.

Along the way, I have found another purpose for my camera – i use it to connect people -just one of my other passions.  Through cultural exchanges of art and technology, vulnerable children from Canada and Uganda are given the opportunity to share personal stories and passions. It is our dream that one day our children and ground leaders will meet each other not only virtually but travel to meet in person through exchange programs.  I cannot wait to see where our collective vision takes us as we all continue to witness the beautiful and the natural evolution of independence and empowerment of our Kids.

I am always up for an adventure -hence my inability to refuse my friend Sang Kim’s challenge to contribute to the land of “HOW TOs” and to change the world in 30 days by living and breathing in Africa and….. taking the time to write home about it! Thanks so much for stopping by!

x0x maylynn : )

8 thoughts on “ABOUT me

    • Salut Yolanda! Thank you so much for connecting -I can’t believe we have similar backgrounds and moving along the same path 🙂 Checked out your website -beautiful products. Are you now in the UK? Let’s talk. I am currently helping a small group of youth in Burundi to export their beautiful hand beaded jewelery.

      Please find me on facebook or @ quan.maylynn@gmail.com
      I will be in Uganda in April of this month : )

      Thanks again for connecting – I look forward to hearing from you!

  1. I find your life course amazing Maylynn! I like that you’re open minded working towards a goal. Living a life after knowing one’s purpose is the best ride in life. Lest work together, share ideas and act towards this common cause to give life the best options.

    • Webale nyo / thank you so much for connecting Racheal! Your kind words and support keeps me moving forward. The kids in Uganda need to see Ugandans helping Ugandans – not foreignors. So excited to work with you. There are so many little girls we work with out there who want to go into medicine -we need more professional women like you at the front lines to help mentor our our kids 🙂

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