Nabinoonya Beach, Entebbe

Definitely not a beach of sand and umbrellas but exactly what I love the most – rocks to climb over and on top of to find just the right rock to sit on to be as close to the water as possible. When I need to stop to catch my breath I can think of nothing else.

Others have joined us and many are in the water swimming along with the fishermen in their wooden boats. A Sunday but all is surprisingly quiet despite the loud, cool Ugandan music in the background.
: )

Today -my friends have arranged a day for me and I could not be happier. Africa and its beautiful people are once again changing my world….

2 thoughts on “DAY NINE

  1. Got nothing to say, Mayling? Beach? Looks like a rock, well above the water. Don’t think you could go paddling on that beach … ;o)

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