Francis and Adrienne Mugwanya

Francis Mugwanya is the Founder and Director at Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry. Francis and Adrienne’s dream: No one having to crawl to get around anymore.

This chair is for a young girl, Brenda, at John Bosco School in Katosi who outgrew hers. She does not go to school because she has no mobility. John Bosco is a Step Up Uganda initiative. Thank you again Ema for connecting us to your friends at Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry. Francis and his Canadian wife, Adrienne, are making an incredible difference to the lives of many here on the ground of Kampala.

Heartfelt thanks once again to all of the generous donors of Kids Canada -we could not do all that we do without your support -not only monetarily but with the generous giving of your time and your belief in the project!!!

Tomorrow – Sunday April 14th 10am Toronto time -5pm Kampala time – Sang Kim, restauranteur extraordinaire, will be changing the world!! He has changed mine in less than 30 days of meeting him!

webale nyo
asante sana
thank you…

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